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Watch repair

Do you have plenty of watches just sitting there in a drawer?

Are all of them not working?

Is your favourite watch in need of a new strap or glass?

Don't worry! Why don’t you pop into us for a chat with our friendly and experienced watch-technician who will be able to he

We will repair your wristwatch fast and responsible.

Battery change

Even a simple battery change must be learned. Unfortunately, many watch owners try again and again to carry out the due battery change on their own to save a few euros. The end result is often expensive for the hobby watchmaker, for example if the lid is scratched, the movement damaged, the watch leaks or even the fingers are damaged. You can avoid this. You can save yourself this hassle with our battery change service. By the way: If you wish, we can also carry out a leak test up to 10 ATM (100M) test pressure after the battery has been replaced, so that you can wear and use your watch under water again without hesitation.

Wristband change

Not only leather watch straps have to be changed over time. Steel straps also require expert inspection from time to time. Over time, screws can become loose, spring pins lose their stability and pins can become loose. Even if a new steel band does not always have to be purchased directly, the band on the watch that is used daily should always be kept in mind and should be inspected by a specialist before the watch becomes detached from the arm and major damage occurs.

Glass replacement

Mineral glasses get scratches in the course of time. This is probably a completely natural process, depending on the daily use and can only be prevented by a particularly careful handling of your watch. We renew and exchange scratched or broken watch glasses at low cost - even for fashionable watches. Your watch has fogged up or become blunt from the inside Then why not let us clean your favorite piece so that you can have a clear view of the dial again. Or would you like to upgrade your favorite watch decisively? If so, an upgrade to scratch-resistant sapphire crystal may be an option for you. Depending on the size, design and manufacturer of the glass, we offer you this optical highlight for your watch for less than 60 €.